The event gets rich in culture

Event rich culture

Business tourism has changed in the last decay. There are new demands and new answers, according to a richer and more qualified offer, compared to the previous exoticism at any cost.

More content, less kilometers…

1. Business finds culture
Business events with a cultural background are no longer a trend or something for few people, but rather a concrete and widespread reality. A growing number of business meetings receive the elegant and smart imprinting of a cultural venue.

The marketing of the companies are finding out a new and important framework in museums, picture galleries and permanent exhibitions: suggestive places rich in history and beauty. Almost all the cultural institutions are opening the doors to selected groups.

2. Which advantages
A cultural meeting changes a professional training event into a unique moment. The group feels important and takes care of the quality of details.
The manager who choices this kind of event is perceived as a sensitive persons that gives value to his team by choosing a working occasion with a pleasant and unusual moment of entertainment, thanks to the exclusive opportunity to benefit from unique works.

The venues connected with culture are selected and elegant and should be chosen for very special events. They strongly underline the professional importance of the participants and the ethical values of the company. Image benefits are consistent and incredible locations can be easily found for the same price!


3. Culture is not boring!
No hesitation in proposing a cultural event! The manager is often skeptical in proposing something of strange or boring for the audience, and therefore inadequate. But often, even groups of simple or not very sophisticated people at the end appreciate with enthusiasm to be involved in museums, galleries of art, historical libraries and ancient villas.

Of course, the organizer will have to find a way to cheer up the event, but without being kitsch. Culture is not boring and a good event manager is able to find equilibrium between the interest for the venue and the activities to be proposed.

I remember a meeting in Villa Monastero at Varenna, an ancient convent and patrician abode. It was organized despite thousand fears and perplexities of a young manager who feared the deadly boredom of the participants. The end was instead full of applause and great satisfaction, thanks to the undisputed charm of the place, but also to the organization of a “different” day spent among historical collections, beautiful panoramas and a botanical garden of great impact.

Moreover, the tour guide has been barraged of question and the manager was incredulous: this was his day of triumph! It’s easy to fall in love with art and good taste in Italy.

Millions of strangers come to Italy, treading the same path of Goethe and other writers, in search of this attestation of this mix of history, art and nature.

Biblioteca Ambrosiana

4. Where to go?
There are so many destinations according as the theme and style of the event. Some example? For a top-level group, the Ambrosia Library in Milan offers one of its beautiful halls and gives the possibility of a private visit to the picture gallery, to the Sala Federiciana with the drawing of the Atlantic code of Leonardo da Vinci and to the Aula Leonardi where the famous picture of Leonardo “Il Musico” is displayed.

Alternatively, you can choose the famous Teatro Regio in Parma with different halls and a gala dinner in Pilotta Palace. For a team who has to come together, Roero Castles are perfect. With a grape harvest in a langa, underlining teamwork and at the same time giving a magic atmosphere given by nature and an ancient culture.

For a team facing a technological project, an event in the event is possible in the Science and Technology Museum in Milan with 3D images and holograms personalization. For a group to be motivated on the emotional level, a Congress held on the Lake of Garda, with a “five senses” visit to the Vittoriale in the rooms of Gabriele D’Annunzio can be unforgettable.

For a conference destined to the Public Administration or to the School world, a meeting in Valle D’Aosta at Bard Fort is perfect, a “normal” tourist destination that can be made special with a suggestive evening in the fortress.

Riccardo Bonadeo Commodore YCCS

5. Mind and heart
The manager that gives to the event a cultural approach embraces an innovative model of business meeting, which connects the professional updating to an emotive and elegant knowledge. An experience touching the mind and the heart.

Through this kind of event, the management gives a message of sensibility and consideration of the team.