How to organize events after Covid-19?

How Superstudio Più in Milan is going to face the personal safety issue in the first events after the pandemic. The thought of Tommaso Borioli, CEO of Superstudio Events.

Dear customers, dear visitors, dear friends,
today, in the world, 3.9 billion people are under lockdown and struggling with some form of restriction on their lives.
In this suspended time, where everything seems immobile and nothing has certainty or definition, we are committed to imagining a future for the world of events and also for us.

Many things will change, there will be different uses and different ways of living experiences: for this, for you (and for us) we have to take the opportunity to review what our work represents to us.

The damages of the virus will impact our economies and it will take some time to return to normality.
The key issue will be to avoid new infections and prevent the virus from spreading again and nullifying the efforts made. For the foreseeable future, this will be the priority of all societies in the world.

We need to start thinking about what comes next. We don’t want to imagine a world where people can no longer leave their homes, a world where people no longer meet, a world where there are no more places and public moments, where no more planes, trains, and buses are used, where there are no more bars, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, pubs, concerts, and especially events.
We think instead that, especially in the first phase, these activities can be resumed but with the maximum of caution.

After September 11, 2001, we thought that planes would stop flying because of too many risks of new attacks. Actually, after a first stop, we organized ourselves introducing a lot of controls at the airports and on the planes and finally, with some sacrifice, we flew again.
We think that even for our world, the world of events where people meet and come together to share an experience, which is certainly one of the most at risk, we can start again the activity following appropriate precautions.
Our organization, in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization and the authorities, intends to implement a series of procedures to make events in our structures completely risk-free.
These are the first devices that we intend to activate to the recovery:

In order to resume the work of the whole sector, the whole sector needs to find together new solutions and a new vision for the events.
We are working to identify some solutions to help this development.
Events will need to be rethought to reduce crowding and times when there is more risk.
Regarding the realization of events we are working on these hypotheses:
• events programmed on different days to reduce the turnout
• during conventions and conferences, the capacity will be reduced, occupying 1/3 of the chairs
• face masks and hand-sanitizing gel delivered to participants
• in exhibition areas, the spaces of the corridors and the distance between the stands will be increased where possible
• access to the event will be made gradually (as in supermarkets) to avoid overcrowding
• thanks to the large outdoor spaces we have, the queues will be organized with order and respecting the safety distance
• signs will be placed in the various areas to give guests instructions on precautions (bathroom area, restaurant area, relax area, etc.)
• also for access to the bathrooms, it will be respected enough space for access queues

• queues for access to the facilities will be organized in rows at personal distance, maintaining the safe distance taking advantage of the large outdoor spaces
• we intend to equip ourselves with remote laser temperature readers available on request for controlling the participants’ entrance
• all access to spaces will be left open to avoid contact with handles and pull handles
• during the day, environments, seats, stands, bathrooms, etc. will be periodically sanitized
• after every event, it will be made a complete sanitization
• air regeneration systems will be set up with 100% complete air ejection so that in the inlet pipe the air will come completely from outside eliminating air recirculation
• air filters will be replaced with super filter and periodically sanitized
• hand sanitizing gel dispensers will be placed to be used by anyone coming in
• we will ensure that every supplier and fitter, with their staff, will be in compliance with the current regulations on the prevention of contagion

These are our thoughts today.
We also ask you to tell us what we could do in your favor to adapt to the new world that awaits us at the end of this long lockdown: no one is saved alone and together we can be the true engine of rebirth of a new phase of life.
We look forward to hearing your opinion, thank you and see you soon.
Tommaso Borioli
CEO Superstudio Events

(in the picture Tommaso Borioli at Superstudio Events)

Superstudio Più
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