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How to organize events after Covid-19?

How Superstudio Più in Milan is going to face the personal safety issue in the first events after the pandemic. […]

Tommaso Borioli
Superstudio Events

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6 technology tools for events

Event Planning Technology: 6 Essential Features to Use

Different companies organize different events, but all of them may benefit from the smart use of event planning tools.

Callie Walker

Meeting Planning

recipe attention Sorrentino

The magic recipe to keep participants’ attention

As easy as pie: a successful trick that can be used in any meeting endangered by boredom

Marco Sorrentino
ItaliaConvention Editor-in-chief

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Hybrid event

Some piece of advice to avoid trouble with hybrid events

A risk zone map to make sure your event will be well-equipped. Avoid the avoidable risks

Italia Convention

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Second Screen Technology

Second screen technology for events: what are the options?

Second screen to keep participants’ attention and provide supplementary information

Corbin Ball
consultant, writer, international speaker

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Ideas for Corporate Retreat

28 tips for planning a successful Corporate Retreat

The best corporate retreat is a good combination of fun, team building and work epiphanies.

Julius Solaris
founder Event Manager Blog

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Five Trends That Will Revolutionize Trade Show Marketing in 2019

If you’re a marketer who’s serious about maximizing ROI, then you need to have a presence at industry trade shows.

Ryan Gould

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Post-event survey

How to organize a post-event survey

A post-event survey is the most useful tool giving the best ratio between energy invested and results. 7 key points

Marco Sorrentino
ItaliaConvention Editor-in-chief

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SEPC Cover - Miek Egberts

The SEPC Certification for green events is coming to Europe

Even the operators of the European Meeting Industry will get certified as experts in the organization of the green meetings.

Maria Arnolda Miek Egberts

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Five reasons why technologies can never beat live events

We are living in a time of unprecedented technological change. But there are some reasons why live events won’t ever be beaten

Corbin Ball
consultant, writer, international speaker

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Creative ideas for corporate events

19 creative ideas for entertainment in corporate events

Corporate events can be used to spark creativity, innovation and productivity in your team.

Julius Solaris
founder Event Manager Blog

Entertainment - Food - Team Building

16 Health Conscious Event Ideas

Healthy food choices and activities integrating wellness and the fun factor. A chance to healthier team experience.

Julius Solaris
founder Event Manager Blog