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November 2022

22 09 Atelier Esse Parigi

Two face-to-face events organized abroad by Atelier Esse

The experience and professionalism of Atelier Esse, are also recognized abroad, so much so that in the autumn Atelier Esse was called by an Indonesian agency to organize two events in Europe. The tool of Atelier Esse is to mix the Italian style with a very precise organization.

Daniela Serrati, CEO of Atelier Esse, comments as follows the success of the two evenings: “There is always a lot of work behind the scenes of every event. And when it involves foreign guests, our understanding with the home country agency is a key. This too has been an ingredient of success because it has allowed us to work in a climate of trust and collaboration for the full satisfaction of our guests”

The two events:

In September, Atelier Esse has been involved for the second time in the organization of an event for 75 top managers of an important Indonesian pharmaceutical company.
This year the destination was Paris, at the beginning of Paris Fashion Week. For the gala dinner, Atelier Esse has exclusively reserved a new Parisian restaurant that offers an immersive experience “Under the Sea” with the room surrounded by large screens through which it is possible to be immersed at 360° in the fascinating underwater world. In addition to the choice of this “gem”, the technical and directing work made it possible to install an imposing green screen in the room adjacent to the restaurant in order to be able to broadcast videos, presentations and moments of entertainment on some of the numerous screens in the restaurant.
During dinner, the guests, already enchanted by the images of the underwater world full of colors and special effects, were also able to enjoy the music of a famous Parisian duo.

In October, a new event abroad, this time in Switzerland, for a leading Indonesian company in telecommunications which has entrusted Atelier Esse for the second time with the organization of the Gala Dinner for the awards ceremony for its best sellers.
Interlaken was chosen among the proposals, because of its the suggestive town that rises between 2 splendid lakes, at the foot of the Jungfrau mountain.
During the gala dinner, refined and full of charm, a talented popular Swiss group was called for entertainment, made up of various artists including yodel singers, accordion players, alpine horn players, double bass players and flag wavers; and an original Italian duo capable of blending pop music and opera in a mix of great vocals and stage presence that made everything truly spectacular.

cover photo: Paris – closing photo: Interlaken

22 10 Atelier Esse Interlaken

The company
Atelier Esse, founded by Daniela Serrati, is an event’s planning agency at the service of companies. Its mission is to combine originality and concreteness, creativity and problem solving to best satisfy and realize the wishes of customers in all events, from conventions to incentive trips, from team building to product launches or gala dinners. Experience and contacts also abroad