Julius Solaris

founder Event Manager Blog


Julius Solaris, founder of Event Manager Blog, now in Skift, is one of the most authoritative influencers in the world of the meeting industry

Julius Solaris, born in Puglia and now an international speaker based in the USA.
In April 2007 he founded Event Manager Blog which over the years has become the reference online resource for the meeting industry.

In 2019 EventMB merged into Skift Inc, the largest independent travel site in the world based in New York, founded in 2012 by Rafat Ali and Jason Clampet.
A great success for Julius who still continues to lead and operate with his prestigious brand

EventMB publishes very in-depth reports every year such as 10 Event Trends, The Event App Bible, and free ebooks like The Good Event Registration Guide, Social Media for Events, Engaging Events, The Venue of the Future.

Julius Solaris also created the Linkedin group “Event Planning & Event Management – the 1st Group for Event Professionals” with over 360,000 members, the world’s largest community of event professionals.

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