Patrizia Rovati

LNP trainer


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NLP trainer, coach and counselor

Professor and corporate consultant for many multinational and Italian companies. Since 1991 she has been working as a professor for the PNL classes of Gianni Fortunato’s PNL Institute in Milan, Bologna, Naples, Rome and Palermo.

She is also a teacher of training courses, qualified by the Ministero della Sanità, for medical doctors and healthcare operators. She got her degree in Science of Education from Università di Genova and specialized in Psychology at the Università di Pavia.

She has a Masters’ degree as a Trainer in Neuro-linguistic programming and attended refresher courses on group dynamics and management of groups, creativity and use of creative instruments.

She worked as the head of Education services and responsible for the organization of training courses for the education staff for the Comune and Amministrazione Provinciale of Pavia and for the Regione Lombardia.

She collaborated to research projects  with the Istituto di Psicologia e Pedagogia of the Humanities Faculty of Università degli Studi di Pavia.