Roberta Pinzauti

Management consultant and project manager / Te.D. Teatro d’Impresa


Roberta Pinzauti
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Expert in non-verbal languages, assertiveness, creative techniques…

Art Studies: Academy of Fine Arts (Florence); Theatre Studies: École Internationale de théâtre Jacques Lecoq.

25 years of working experience in artistic and creative activities:
Autor-actress-director of theatre plays and cabaret, with national and international tours (1977-1995)
Movie actress with Italian directors (Taviani, Monicelli, Benvenuti, Nuti, Staino, Ferlito, etc), actress in TV-movies
Actress for national commercials
Stage director
Creation and organization of international theatrical projects
Expert in direction and editing of videos. Direction of music videoclips.
Expert in: non-verbal language, assertiveness, Problem Solving and Creative Techniques, Transactional Analysis, Play Techniques.
Teacher of: Creative and Autobiographical Writing, Art-Therapy, Theatre with elaboration of new training instruments for the therapeutic use of creativity.

Planning and Teaching for Cranfield University School of Management, Centro PRAXIS: training on leadership through the Perceval myth (TAM – Transition to Advanced Management).

From 2005 to 2010, she’s been providing 4 session per year of a training program for L’Oréal.

President and Project Manager of Te.D. – Teatro d’Impresa (Business Theatre), first Italian society that has been working, for the last 10 years, on Theatre and theatrical techniques applied to corporate training and communication.

Execution of Events, Meetings, Conventions using theatre and theatrical techniques to make inner and external corporate communication more effective and involving. Creation of formats such as “Tailored Theatre” and Self-Theatre for personalized events for every kind of Business depending on themes, objectives, services and products (Promotional Theatre).
Execution and transformation of Playful Theatrical Techniques to create groundbreaking, unique and effective courses for businesses.

Elaboration of the ENERGY&COLOURS Training Model used in the classes and seminars organized by Te.D. – Teatro d’Impresa, using 4 psycophysical. 4 colours and Carl Jung’s work on personality, integrated with Art and Theatre techniques (Theatrical Masks are used as well).

Teatro su Misura (Tailored Theatre) for: Chiesi Farmaceutici, GoodYear Dunlop, Pirelli, Gabetti, ASM Brescia, Boheringer Ingelheim, Allianz RAS Assicurazioni.

Team Theatre (Team Building through theatre) for: Alston Power, Geox, Louis Vuitton, Danone, SFC – Sistemi Formativi Confindustria, Spegea Scuola di Management, Pioneer Investments, Gucci, SIA Home Fashion, Supermedia.

Self Theatre (the company is on stage) for: Nike Italy, Allianz RAS Assicurazioni, Fondazione Banca degli Occhi del Veneto.

Teatro Imprò (Impromptu Theatre) for: Helvetia Assicurazioni

Story Telling (Theatrical readings of fairytales) for: Roche Diagnostics

Training courses for: Geox, Fiat Group, Novartis, Schering Plough, Blackrock Merril Lynch, Agenzia delle Entrate Regione Lombardia, Cranfield University School of Business.