Tommaso Borioli

CEO / Superstudio Events


  • See Phone +39 02.422.50.150

Looking to the future, Tommaso Borioli has been the promoter of Superstudio renewal and is now working on new projects for the venue.

In 2016, Superstudio entrusted to Tommaso Borioli, born in 1991, the new Superstudio Eventi branch in order to improve the offer and the Superstudio services.
Superstudio was already been successfully operating for 15 years in the prestigious headquarters in the fashionable district of via Tortona in Milan. But times are changing and events need to be more and more innovative and impactful.

Eyes open to the world, brilliant mind, digital native, experienced in economics as well as in technology, Tommaso Borioli with his new young expert team, innovated the location policy and restored the Superstudio Più spaces dedicated to events.
Now is going to launch a new bigger venue, the Superstudio Maxi. The story goes on …