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The request for “experiences” in luxury tourism

April 2018


Nowadays, luxury tourists want a complete and tailored experience.

In an interview with Skift, Amr Younes, vice president of revenue optimization at Luxury Retreats, revealed the new direction of the luxury market.

What high-end tourists seek, in terms of accommodation, has always been and still is quality, comfort, and elegance. However, the luxury tourism market is now focusing on experiences rather than goods and services.
Today, luxury has more to do with experiences tailored to the client’s desires, needs, and interests. It’s the so-called “centrality” of the traveler, who expects an individualized trip based on the information they have provided.
This also explains the growth in the appeal of private villas, that can offer every service provided by a hotel, including private chefs.

These tourists are not just looking for a high-end property with a panoramic view or a pool anymore. What they want is now an all-round experience, from the moment they book their trip until their return flight.
They expect the travel agents they work with to meet their specific wishes by providing a unique and completely tailored experience.

This is the new meaning of luxury: getting what you want without having to ask.