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The history and traditions of Venice at Querini Stampalia Foundation

July 2019

Discover the history and traditions of the city of Venice at Querini Stampalia Foundation

On Saturday, July 20, on the occasion of the Feast of the Redeemer, the traditional feast of Venice combining religion and entertainment, Fondazione Querini Stampalia proposes an interesting themed tour to discover the historical and popular aspects of the festival. The feast has been observed for centuries and whose history is well-preserved in the Foundation’s archive.

The appointment is on Saturday, July 20:
at 10 am for the themed tour in English
at 11 am for the themed tour in Italian
For further information and costs on the two tours, please send an email >>>

Querini Stampalia Foundation is not only an important House-Museum but inside hosts also one of the largest Civic Library in Venice, with more than 350,000 volumes among ancient works and modern books that can be consulted freely.
Through unreleased archival documents, visitors can discover and explore the city ‘s history and traditions and complete the tour by looking at the works of art that were inspired by Venice.

Querini Stampalia is a place that focuses on Venice and its history and can be visited all year round.
Organizing a meeting or a convention at Querini Stampalia Foundation means offering participants a historical and cultural experience and give an event a completely Venetian atmosphere.

The venue
Fondazione Querini Stampalia, one of the most ancient cultural foundations in Italy, is located in a 16th-century mansion in Venice city centre. The mansion has an Auditorium that can host up to 132 people, a garden, a museum, multipurpose rooms and an area for temporary exhibitions.