Elisabetta Neri

Founder and partner of Nebe


elisabetta neri

Elisabetta Neri, luxury tourism specialist

In 2008 Elisabetta Neri and Fulvio Bettini founded NeBe, a company dedicated to promote by b2b the Luxury Travel and Mice Excellence industry on an international level.
It’s a new thing for the Italian market and by the time NeBe has become an important landmark for those who operate in this industry.

Through NeBe, Elisabetta Neri every year organizes events-workshops, rigorously by invitation, to meet demand and supply in a selective way, “by theme”.
In 2017 the market changes bring NeBe’s partners to review the calendar and the offer: – TraveLux in the spring absorbs Mediterranean Luxury Club and Sensoh.
Then Elisabetta Neri and Fulvio Bettini created “Meet the Best” dedicated to buyers specialized in congresses and in private and luxury wedding events.
In 2019 a brand new format: DiVino to promote food and wine tourism.

Elisabetta Neri is also the vice president of Prima Classe Italia – The National Association of the Italian Experience Excellence