6 Promises that make an event desiderable

6 Promeses

The main expectations of the participants of a meeting. How to satisfy them.

It is true that the success of an event should be measured after the event has already taken place, but it is also important to create enough hype around it. Why does anyone want to take part in a meeting? What makes an event desirable? Experts agree on six fundamental expectations: the promise of fulfillment makes the event desirable and more likely to be successful. This rule holds true for every kind of event: company, association, live, hybrid events.


1. Keep up with the latest trends
Most of the people expect to learn something interesting and new about a certain topic. Planners should know which topics are trending and plan the meeting schedule accordingly. They should check the contents of the speeches to prevent empty talk. It is a difficult and sometimes unpopular task, but it must be done for the event to be successful. The first promise then is to give emphasis – in the program and invitations – to the most interesting topics.

2. Meeting new people
Networking, namely meeting and talking to people to exchange information and advice about work or common interests. Planners should provide time and occasions for networking besides the dinner where it is possible to speak with only 7-8 people. It is advisable to avoid that people that already see each other every day sit at the same table. It can be a reassuring situation, but stepping out of your comfort zone usually provides more work opportunities. A list of the participants, not only of the speakers, can also prove useful.

3. Find new ideas
People want to be inspired. When they go back home, they should be full of enthusiasm and enterprising spirit. In order to encourage people to participate, planners should include creative moments of discussions, brainstorming sessions, workshops and so on in the schedule of the meeting. These activities must be communicated in advance, and the same goes for famous motivational speakers taking part in the event. The sense of anticipation is more important than the surprise.

4. Do business
In corporate events doing business is not a viable option, but in all the other events it becomes essential. Companies should be given the chance to set up small stands. During big conventions even an entire department can be given the same opportunity. It is a good way for companies to gain visibility and boost their business.

5. See beautiful places
Don’t underestimate the power of exclusive or evocative locations. It is almost impossible to say no to an amazing venue. Praising the beauty of the location is a good way to create anticipation and increase the number of enthusiastic participants. The invitation or – even better – the website of the event are the right place to talk about this. It is also possible to get useful feedback.

6. Feeling part of a community
This is the most delicate point because it interferes with the sphere of self-perception. Even if everybody has different emotional reactions, taking part in important meetings makes people feel important. A good planner can subtly underline that you have been invited because you deserve it and that declining the invitation could damage your career. If possible, communicate in advance which top managers and celebrities will join the meeting. Everybody would like to be part of an event that can turn into a good story to tell friends and coworkers.

The desire to be there is the key to success
The success of the planner is linked to the success of the event. And the success of the event is connected to the curiosity that it can raise. Planners should do their best to sell the event to the public, even if it is a corporate meeting with mandatory participation. For the success of the meeting and, of course, for their own success.